Wednesday, March 31, 2010


THIS TUESDAY, APRIL 6 is an open slam, sign up at 10pm, no cover, $100 cash prize SLAM featuring CURTIS MEYER!!!

Born in Toronto, Canada, Curtis X Meyer currently lives in Winter Park, Florida and has been gracing stages with his poetry for six years. He has performed onstage at the National Poetry Slam five times as a member of Team Orlando. A creative writing major at the University of Central Florida, he invites you to contact him on Facebook, but much prefers one-on-one conversations. Like snakes, Curtis is more afraid of you than you are of him. Curtis' favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon, and thinks it's extremely pretentious for anyone to write about their accomplishments in third person.

See you at DADA: 52 N Swinton Ave Downtown Delray Beach! 561-330-3232

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WHEW! Great night of poetry, y'all!

What a lovely night we had last night!
Thanks to all the poets and appreciators who came out to make last night MUCH warmer than even I was expecting!
SPECIAL HUGS, KISSES and THANKS to Richard Green for heading south in winter (GOOD IDEA!) and coming HOME to DADA, even if only for a feature visit. We are honored by you, sir! Thanks for the pumpkin seeds!

After two rounds of poetry (and likely MORE than two rounds of drinks to the judges... wink!) ....
in THIRD place (AFTER a disqualification!): MARYA SUMMERS!!! (I can't believe you are leaving. WTF?! We JUST became close again, and NOW you are leaving?!?!?)

there was a .1 difference between SECOND PLACE: Jashua Sa-Ra, and FIRST PLACE: Matt Dee. Congrats to you both, particularly...
CONGRATS on staying PERFECTLY ON TIME, Jashua!!!!
and MATT! You've made the top three! AND YOU CAME IN FIRST?! WOW!

Love you all, SO MUCH.

THIS MONTH: PALM BEACH POETRY FESTIVAL!!!! Anis Mogjani & Andrea Gibson on January 23 @ 9pm!!!

AND... February 2: Matthew "Cuban" Hernandez comes to feature! Do not miss this!

ALSO in February: Win & You're In bouts for qualifying venues to participate in the 2010 National Poetry Slam in St Paul, MN... email me ( for more info!


Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello, world!

Delray Beach Poetry Slam THIS TUESDAY (January 5) featuring our local slam hero Richard "Grinning Dog" Green (if you didn't know, Richard started the first ever slam in Florida at the Underground Coffee Works back in the 1990s... AKA, LAST CENTURY!).

PLUS! $100 Cash prize to the victor.
Come warm yourself beside the fire we spit!

ALSO!!!! Palm Beach Poetry Fest starts January 18 in good old downtown Delray Beach! On January 23 @ 9pm, slam champions Anis Mojgani and Andrea Gibson perform for a LATE NIGHT event, tickets are ON SALE NOW! Visit for more info!

December 1 recap

I am SO BEHIND with this post: this recap is SOOOO LAST YEAR!

In any case...
the Delray Beach Poetry Slam commenced December 1 with a packed house, a great sign up list, and a fantastic feature from Rob Sturma! Thanks to all who came out to support the poetry community in Delray Beach!

In the end, it was SUPPOSED to come to only 3, but we had a tie for 3rd place!

3rd place: FlowDiva & Steven Crist!
2nd place: Jashua SaRa
1st place: Katie Wirsing


Friday, November 13, 2009

Poetry Slam Update: October & November

Well, its been a busy couple of months in South Florida: weather cools down, poetry HEATS UP!

In October, Asia delivered a roaring and hysterically funny feature at Dada, returning to his original 'home-turf' venue with a ton of performing and competition experience under his belt. WE LOVE YOU ASIA! Check out his venue: Mellow Mondays at Cafe Bluster in Hollywood.

Jashua Sa-Ra stopped by before heading out to compete at the Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, CA THE NEXT DAY... and he's glad he did, taking the win and $100 in extra cash to Cali... Joey Leto and Kristi Williams placed second and third respectively.

A few weeks ago, Tod Caviness flew down on vacation from his work with Orlando Sentinel to entrance and amuse us. It felt like a family re-union for a minute: Chunky and I sat down to chat and then Amy Steinberg and her boyfriend Brad joined us for dinner. By the time Tod walked in, we were already swapping stories about olden days (like, four years ago! ok, so, not that old...).

In the slam, I broke the rules and let the audience decide whether or not to enforce a time-penalty...they jeered it down, putting 5 poets in the final round. Chunky came out on top, easily 3 points ahead of the pack. Steve Crist and Cristina rounded out the top three.

Looking ahead...ROB STURMA, aka Rat Pack Slim, stops in Delray on tour Dec 1...
BIO: ROB STURMA has been getting open on mics since 2000, when a sweet California lass brought him to the Los Angeles open mic Da Poetry Lounge, and where he subsequently fell in love with the art of performance poetry
and spoken word. He performed for a number of years unde...r the
monicker Ratpack Slim, and during those years, he was on the Los Feliz
Slam Team two years running (2003-2004), made it to the finals stage
with Team Hollywood in 2005, and as slammaster of Western Regional slam team Gang Green, took three teams to Big Sur, rocking nationally ranked teams outta
their seats. He was the host of the seminal Los Angeles open mic
Green from 2003-2007, featuring everyone from Jack Hirschmann to Andrea
Gibson (Buddy Wakefield and Mike McGee neck in neck for most repeat features). He was the poetry editor for and Kotori Magazine, did a series of webstories called "Children of Slam" for, was seen in the documentary Sp!t, and on the BET show "The Way We Do It". David Alan Grier gave him a 9.5 in a Comedy Central slam pilot, Snakes On A Plane/ Wolverine producer Jeff Katz called Rob's poetry "outstanding", and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley said Rob's poem about him "gave him goosebumps". His new full-length book of poems Miles of Hallelujah will be available on Write Bloody Press in Fall 2009.
"Whatever We Are Not":

"Mick Foley" (as seen on


"Lost Highway Bar and Grill", on Indiefeed:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upcoming events!

Did you know about the Florida Poetry Events blog?

I update it about every week or so, and it is a STATE-WIDE event listing for poetry open mics and slams! Notice something missing, or want to add your event? Email me: and I'll add it!

RISE OUT LOUD Teen writing and performance workshops at the downtown West Palm Beach Library- FREE! Next workshop Saturday Oct 3, 1pm!

NEXT SLAM: October 6, featuring HBO Def Poet ASIA. PLUS a cash slam! NO Cover! Only at Dada, 52 N Swinton Ave, Delray Beach! See you on the sign up list!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Woot! Poets Anonymous is back!

In full effect!
Thanks to all who came out last night, and SPECIAL THANKS to competing poets:
Pure Blood
Flow Diva
Chris L
Joshua Sa-Ra
The New Sense
Matt Dardick
Cheryl Ellis

AND EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO AMYYYYYY!!! I heart girls that rock. Amy's set was a lively uplift for me and all in attendance- thanks for shining your love light on us!

Congratulations to the top 3:
Joshua Sa-Ra
Flow Diva
Pure Blood

Check us out next month: featured HBO Def Poet Asia! And A SLAM!